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The National Justice Project is very proud of the incredible women on our team who make up 80% of our staff. Our all-female, powerhouse of an Executive Team leads our organisation with absolute flair and diligence. On International Women’s Day

To us, volunteering means so much more than having an extra helping hand. We provide our volunteers like Chaye with valuable experience in social justice legal action and advocacy.
Today on International Women’s Day (IWD) we’re celebrating the women change-makers who are leading the fight for social justice in Australia!
Legal volunteer Veera Singh tells us about her experience volunteering at the at NJP and reflects on how volunteering can benefit law students.
A day in the life of Ariane Dozer sounds truly hectic. “No two days are the same,” she laughs. “I’m juggling lots of different moving parts!
For Romina Reyftmann, her upbringing, skillset and education compel her to champion human rights issues and advocate as strongly as she can for National Justice Project clients.
“I think once people are able to take a different world perspective…then they can have a more generous and compassionate view of the world that other people are in and struggles other people are having.”
“I think with the work that we do at the National Justice Project, even the smallest little thing that we do, allows someone to feel that they have a voice and that they’ve got the power to make change in
Having grown up surrounded by human rights and social justice matters, it comes as no surprise that Steve Castan is an extremely hands-on and invested Chair of the National Justice Project’s Board.
"Being in their corner and advocating for them itself is the greatest reward you can take out of this legal internship.”
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