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Handing down her findings at the local court house in Bourke, State Coroner Teresa O’Sullivan found that the concerns raised by the family with respect to investigative failures and systemic racism were entirely justified and correct. On 6 December 1987,

Handing down her findings in the inquest into the death of Todd McKenzie today, Deputy State Coroner Harriet Grahame was highly critical of the practices of NSW Police on the day. On 31 July 2019, Todd McKenzie was suffering from

“I am still heartbroken about the death of my son [in WA Prisons]. I don’t want any mother to have to go through what I have had to bear" - mother of Jomen Blanket.
A coroner has accepted expert opinion that the life of Stanley Inman Jnr could have been saved if there had been culturally safe care at Acacia Prison.
In the final day of a coronial inquest into a police shooting of Todd McKenzie, his family have made a plea for change.
A spate of suicides in WA's Acacia Prison will be highlighted this week, as the WA Coroner examines the death of Stanley Inman Jnr.
We have re-booted CopWatch – a groundbreaking app, website and training programme to educate people about their rights when filming police interactions with community.
We are working with the family of Todd McKenzie to secure answers and accountability from NSW Police through a coronial inquest.
Instead of locking up kids in youth detention, we must give them medical care, education, and connection to their community.
The Mullaley family have been searching for truth, justice, and accountability for the death of Baby Charlie for nine years. Here, we trace the key steps on the family’s long journey towards justice.
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