George Newhouse on NJP's mission about how to help

The National Justice Project (NJP) is a law firm whose mission is to promote social justice, liberty, accountability and equality for all people. We have a particular focus on Indigenous Australians and advocate for the development of laws, administrative practices and a legal justice system which are fair, just and equitable.

We advance human rights through evidence based advocacy, strategic litigation, research and conducting test-case litigation in particular for the Australians in need.

We advance the collection, assessment and dissemination to the community of information relating to the law.

We advance the education of the community with respect to the law, their rights and responsibilities.

We promote social, economic and legislative reforms for the purpose of immediately relieving the distress, disadvantage and suffering experienced by the Indigenous Australians and other Australians who are in need.

The NJP is a not-for-profit law firm whose mission is to advance human rights and social justice in Australia and in neighbouring countries using strategic litigation & advocacy.

The NJP does not seek and therefore cannot rely on government funding. This is because so much of our work is a direct challenge to governments and their unlawful actions. As a result, we can only rely on private donations for running the practice.

If you are anyone who cares about justice and equality in Australia then you share our mission.

The NJP:

Seeks justice for all Australians by taking on the most challenging cases that will advance human rights

Has a proven track record working for the most vulnerable people

Is unique because we're independent and courageous

Drives positive legal change providing legal services to those unable to access the legal system

Takes action to make Australia a better, fairer, more just country

Promotes human rights and social justice by conducting strategically-selected public interest cases through the courts

Uses media and communications strategies to promote social justice