Combining strategic legal action with effective advocacy and communication to advance human rights and social justice in Australia.


The National Justice Project (NJP) is a not-for-profit law firm based in Sydney, Australia whose mission is to advance human rights and social justice in Australia and in neighbouring countries using strategic litigation & advocacy.

The NJP commenced operation in March 2016.

We strategically take on specific cases that will have the broadest impact across our society and help the most vulnerable people in our society: Aboriginal Australians wrongfully convicted due to a lack of qualified interpreters, asylum seekers and refugees in offshore detention and cases of racial discrimination.

The NJP promotes human rights and social justice by conducting strategically-selected public interest cases through the courts. We also have an advocacy unit that uses media and communications to the same effect.

We are dogged, determined and relentless in the pursuit of equality and justice and will always fight for the most vulnerable so as to make Australia a better country for our children.



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